Indulge in Distance with XXIO Prime golf clubs. XXIO Prime is our lightest golf clubs, offering a higher ball flight and extreme forgiveness on every shot. Designed singularly for moderate swing speed golfers, XXIO Prime works in tandem with your swing to produce high-launching shots that carry far and fly straight. Experience XXIO Prime today, the ultimate symbol of excellence and performance.

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  • XXIO Prime Driver
    $849.99 $599.99
  • XXIO Prime Irons
    $174.99 - $699.99
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 Results

Longer. Higher. Stunning. Prime.

Golf has a new golden standard: XXIO Prime. The ultimate in premium golf club performance, XXIO Prime’s advanced lightweight construction and faster head speeds work with your moderate swing speed to hit the ball higher, farther, and straighter.

The XXIO Prime Driver, XXIO Prime Fairway Woods, XXIO Prime Utility Clubs, and XXIO Prime Irons feature powerful performance technologies that provide game-changing distance and forgiveness. Rich design and exotic materials create an indulgent golf experience; XXIO Prime performance makes you longer off the tee, accurate from the fairway, and in-control around the greens.

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