Experience the Difference

XXIO Lightness for Stronger Swings

Premium feel, aggressive looks, and stouter shafts make XXIO X the irresistible choice for accomplished players seeking to further advance their game with lightweight, easy-to-swing clubs.

Experience the Difference

XXIO Lightness for Stronger Swings

Premium feel, aggressive looks, and stouter shafts make XXIO X the irresistible choice for accomplished players seeking to further advance their game with lightweight, easy-to-swing clubs.

Remarkably Lightweight

XXIO clubs are remarkably lightweight. You instantly feel this difference the moment you hold them, and experience enhanced speed with ease from your first swing.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Lifestyle: Relaxed
XXIO 12 X(eks) Lifestyle: Driver XXIO 12 X(eks) Lifestyle: Swing
XXIO 12 X(eks) Tech: ActivWing


Harnessing Airflow for Better Contact

By manipulating airflow—like the wings of an airplane—ActivWing improves aerodynamics during your downswing to stabilize the clubhead and tighten your impact pattern. The subtle forces generated by the airfoil shape won’t slow you down; but they’re just strong enough to correct face angle, reduce slice, and put more shots directly on the sweet spot.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Tech: Rebound Frame

Rebound Frame

Improving Distance with More Face Flex

Rebound Frame technology imparts more speed and distance into your long shots. Inside XXIO X Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids, four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones enhance overall COR when activated at impact. Like a spring within a spring, concentric flex zones transfer energy to the golf ball far more efficiently than standard designs.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Tech: Adjustable Hosel

Adjustable Hosel

Dial In Your Performance

For the first time ever on a XXIO Driver, an adjustable hosel lets you select the face angle and loft that best suit your swing and optimize off-the-tee performance. With the ability to fine tune loft +/-2deg in either direction and face angle to an open, closed, or neutral setting, you can extend carry distance, modify launch angle, and combat off-line misses.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Driver

Unmatched Distance

Premium XXIO X Woods let even the best players hit better shots off the tee box or deck. Thanks to a remarkably lightweight feel, larger sweet spots, and significant ball speed advancements, all you need to do is swing naturally and watch ’em fly.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Tech: High Speed Cup Face

High Speed Cup Face

The Flat Cup Face boosts your COR with a larger, thinner face center, exotic Super-TIX-51AF Titanium, and the dual flex zones featured in Rebound Frame. In the Fairway Woods and Hybrids, Cannon Sole is a floating weight pad that optimizes ball speed.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Tech: Exceptional Forgiveness

Exceptional Forgiveness

With expanded COR on the XXIO X Woods, you’re bound to strike the sweet spot more often for improved accuracy in your long game. Plus, carefully tuned weighting in each clubhead increases MOI for golf shots that launch high and fly straight.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Tech: Embrace Easy Swing Consistency

Embrace Easy Swing Consistency

X’s Weight Plus Technology places brass weights at the shaft’s end, behind your hands, counterbalancing the clubhead through your backswing. Then, ActivWing stabilizes the clubhead during the downswing, easily guiding it to optimal impact angle.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Iron

Made for Precision Play

Swing easy and strike it pure with forged XXIO X Irons. Featuring remarkably lightweight construction, world-class softness, and new ball speed technologies, every club can enhance striking distance and spin to attack the green from any lie.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Tech: Unprecedented Ball Speed

Unprecedented Ball Speed

Our thin, high-strength steel faces allow the entire face to flex more extensively. Synchronously, a secondary Rebound Frame flex zone in the sole, supported by the Iron’s rigid body, amplifies ball speed to unprecedented levels.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Tech: Optimized Center of Gravity

Optimized Center of Gravity

Progressive variable face thickness and a tungsten-nickel weight in the toe optimize speed, stability and launch for every loft. A lower Center of Gravity for Long Irons creates more carry; a higher one for Short Irons emphasizes control.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Tech: Repeatable Swings

Repeatable Swings

Our proprietary Weight Plus Technology in X removes mass from the length of the shaft and places it under the grip, behind your hands. This helps you reliably find the ideal position at the top of your swing and adds consistency through your downswing.

Bespoke Components

Every XXIO grip and shaft are custom developed to complement each Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, and Iron we make. Advanced shaft materials—like TORAYCA® T1100G carbon fiber with a NANOALLOY® resin matrix and N.S. Pro 950GH Neo DST steel Iron shafts—reduce overall weight while remaining strong and flexible. Custom developed grips for each club category offer an unmatched tactile experience while maintaining our carefully designed weight ratios.

XXIO 12 X(eks) Grips
XXIO 12 X(eks) Shafts
XXIO 12 X(eks) N.S.PRO 950GH neo DST Shafts
XXIO 12 X(eks) Lifestyle: Irons XXIO 12 X(eks) Lifestyle: Club
XXIO 12 X(eks) Lifestyle: Swing
XXIO 12 X(eks) Family
XXIO 12 X(eks)

Experience the Difference

With these X Woods and Irons in hand, skilled golfers with strong swings can finally experience the unmatched quality, consistency, and incredible ease of play that XXIO golfers have enjoyed for decades.

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